Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman
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Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman

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Designed to look like a piece of furniture, this rejuvenates you in ways that would surprise you. The iZen Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman brings relief to thighs, glutes, calves, and feet, and it does so on your schedule. Whenever and wherever it’s time to sit down and put your feet up, use this vibrating leg massager. You’ll love the result: a more relaxed, more flexible, healthier you.

Your feet and legs work overtime, whether you realize it or not. You stand, walk, run, drive, pedal and jump. From desk workers to athletes, everyone is on their feet. Sometimes it doesn’t take playing a contact sport to feel soreness and aching in the lower half of your body, one of the busiest groups of muscles.

Designed specifically for lower extremity therapy, this leg massager functions in three fully automatic massage modes, with five-speed variations. It’s a luxurious, leather-bound, comfortable resting place. The attractive champagne-colored tufted finish makes it beautiful, yet it’s still durable and functional. Use it as a seat or use it as an ottoman, it’s up to you.

Ottoman Leg & Foot Massagers to Reduce Muscle Pain

If your lower back is tense and tight, it could pinch the nerve roots and lead to severe pain, numbness, cramps, tingling, and even muscle weakness. When your legs aren’t healthy and limber, you lack the energy to get through your day. Walking, driving, sitting, even lying down — every activity hurts. If you’re looking for a leg pain solution, you may have found it.

With leg pain and tightness therapy at the center of the design, the iZen Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman provides the healing you need, but in a way that’s easy and convenient to use while unwinding. You can watch TV, read a book or just nap on the couch and as long as you have your legs or feet propped up on our advanced leg massager, you’re getting a targeted, therapeutic remedy for sore, tired muscles.

Sit back and relax. Our Leg Massager helps depressurize knots and helps your tightened muscles release. It effectively brings down inflammation and eases the pain that interrupts your thought process and your day.

Leg Massager Details

  • Three built-in automatic massage modes
  • Five vibration speed levels
  • Auto-timer for 15 minutes
  • Leather-coated, beautiful rhombic stitching
  • Design that eases aches and soreness in glutes, thighs, calves, and feet
  • Easy, one-touch operation.

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Product Specifications

  • Model No. IZ-Ottoman

What Our Customers Are Saying

          5 of 5 stars
Relieves pain
Review Submitted By: Evie N.

I suffer from painful varicose veins in my legs. The vibrations in the ottoman really do give me instant relief. It encouraged me to elevate my feet more often, which is also good for my legs. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially if you’re going through something similar.

          5 of 5 stars
Reduces swelling and feels fantastic.
Review Submitted By: Wendy S.

I work on my feet all day as a cashier and my legs and feet ache a ton at the end of my long shift. My Mom bought this for me. I’m telling you, every day now I dream about coming home to put my legs on it. It’s amazing how quickly it works! THANK YOU!

Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman


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