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Looking for more information about iZen’s massage chair features and functions?  Need help figuring out the right product for you? Or, Sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone. And at iZen, customer service begins before you even make a purchase.

We realize the importance of matching your individual needs to the right product, so our team is standing by to offer their live support as you look at your options.  No charge, no obligation, no pressure—just reassurance that you’re making the right decisions about your massage chair.

If you’re interested, we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about the industry-leading value offered by iZen’s chair packages:

The very last thing your search for in-home relaxation should be is stressful, right?  Go ahead and call 1-877-667-9377 to make your road to simple life balance easier by speaking with our expert team. 

Located in the greater Philadelphia area?  Stop by iZen’s new showroom at the Cherry Hill Mall to not only talk to our team in person but to experience our premium massage chairs for yourself!