Understand the iZen Difference
Finding your simple life balance should be easy and accessible.

We know massage like no one else can.  Our 10+ years of experience and learning from providing over a million massages per month through our commercial division has given us the answers to what types of chairs and products will yield the best results for our customers’ overall health, well-being and satisfaction. We have created a line of superior quality home massage products, for all types of customers, via an easy purchase process—all at reasonable prices.

We’re experts in understanding what’s most effective at relieving tension, soothing pain, providing muscle recovery and supporting posture.  We have leveraged that knowledge and experience to develop a full line of massage products to help you relax, recover and live your best life.

Painstakingly constructed with only the highest-quality craftsmanship, our premium chairs offer all of the state-of-the-art features you’ll find in the most expensive chairs on the market….at a fraction of the price.


We leverage the economies of scale that come with being a major provider of commercial chairs through our parent company, Innovative LLC.


Because when it comes to wellness, in our opinion, the only stretching you should be doing is on a mat, not in your checkbook.

As you will see once you take a look at our line of home massage products, there are three things that differentiate us beyond just our superior quality:

A commitment to wellness for our customer athletes: Life can be stressful.  You need a break. Your body needs to improve circulation, decompress, relax and restore.  If you are an athlete, you need that, plus recovery and injury prevention. iZen does all of that for you.

We understand pain, especially back and neck pain. From office work to factory work, from cars to planes, our busy lifestyles mean that many of us suffer from back and neck pain.  Our products address and mitigate that pain while allowing for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

And, finally, we make it simple! We have taken the complexity out of finding, buying, shipping, servicing and financing home massage chairs.

From our ecommerce website and financing, and to our white glove delivery and set up options, we make it easy!

And with our world-class massage chairs, the value you receive goes far beyond the product itself.  As you’ll see, here at iZen we offer an experience that begins with your purchase and lasts for years to come. Our options make it that much more “risk-free.”

Why spend more (up to 40%!) somewhere else when you get more with iZen for less?  Plus, with our financing options, you can choose to pay over time for as low as 0% APR.

With iZen, superior customer service begins with our team handling the delivery.  We bring your massage chair to you, assemble it wherever you want in your home and thoroughly test it. 

We stand by our products with confidence, but even the most well-built devices may hit a snag.  While we don’t anticipate any issues, if one arises, just let us know.  Your chair’s one-year limited warranty has you fully covered for a year. 

Our products are meant to reduce stress, not add to it.  This is why we offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive three-year parts-and-labor service plan that you can buy with your new iZen massage chair, on top of the factory warranty. 

If you don’t absolutely love your new iZen massage chair—or any of our products, for that matter—simply return your purchase within 14 days for a refund or replacement.  Just make sure you have proof of purchase, all original packaging and there is no visible abuse, damage, unauthorized modifications or accidents.