When you welcome an iZen massage chair into your home, you’re showing you care about your long-term wellness.  We do, too.

This starts with eliminating the sort of “should I or shouldn’t I” debate that comes with investing in long-term care.  Why add unnecessary anxiety to the buying process?  Like our chairs, peace of mind extends to the whole body, and it should begin right here and now.

We take pride in building premium, affordable massage chairs with superior parts and craftsmanship, but we’re also realistic.  We know the unexpected can happen.  So, on top of your one-year factory parts warranty, we also provide you with the option to purchase a three-year service agreement.  If something, anything, goes wrong with your iZen massage chair, let us know and we’ll simply repair or replace your chair as quickly as possible so you can resume your relaxation routine.* 

Our 3 Year Service Agreement includes:

  • 100% coverage from parts to labor
  • No deductibles
  • Any mechanical or electrical failures (including general wear and tear)
  • Power surge protection
  • Seam separation protection
  • In-home service

Take comfort—in body and mind—knowing that iZen will be there to support you down the road.  Let’s start our journey toward simple life balance today.

* Limitations and exclusions apply.  See terms and conditions for more information.