Universal Massage Wand
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Universal Personal Massage Wand

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Rehab & Recover
Increase Circulation
Relieve Stress

Simple to use, portable, waterproof—this is the go-to personal massage accessory for “me time.” The iZen Universal Massage Wand provides a complete massage solution for sensitive, sore spots and knotted muscles that won’t release. Better yet, it’s handheld, compact and waterproof. You can (and will) use this personal massager anywhere!

Your neck, back, legs, arms — if you have muscle pain and soreness everywhere, it’s difficult to choose the best personal massager that is right for every ache and pain. The beauty of the iZen Universal Massage Wand? Not only can you use it on any muscle group, but it’s also designed specifically for that purpose.

Are you ready for a transformative massage experience? Quickly and easily get the relief you need. Use it in the bath or shower. Take it on the road. The iZen Universal Massage Wand is built for you and your lifestyle.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Personal Massager

Skip the expensive spa and get this amazing tool, the iZen Universal Massage Wand and you’ll never have to go a day without soaking up the healthy benefits of daily massage.

First things first: massage is about taking care of you, mind and body. Reserving time in your day for rest and recovery is an ideal way to center yourself and find a peaceful balance to direct your energy in a positive, healthy way. Feel younger, energized and nurtured when massage is part of your daily routine.

Regularly using a Massage Wand from iZen also encourages your skin to shed toxins and your muscles to lengthen and relax. You’re taking a proactive stance against stress and making it easier to celebrate your life with an iZen Personal Massager.

Never go a day without a centering massage session with the iZen Universal Massage Wand at your fingertips.

Personal Massage Wand Details

  • Convenient, wireless function
  • Soft, skin-friendly silica gel construction
  • Ultra-powerful massage vibration in the palm of your hand
  • Quiet, soothing operation
  • Memory feature to store your favorite settings
  • Travel-lock and high-capacity lithium-ion battery — take it with you
  • Waterproof: use in the shower or bathtub
  • Modern, beautiful German design

Download Product Manual.

Product Specifications

  • Model No. IZ-931
  • Battery 3.7V Lithium Ion
  • Accessories Power Supply
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH Inches) 11.8 x 4.3 x 2.6 (In Box)
  • Weight 1.05lbs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

          5 of 5 stars
A must have for any athlete
Review Submitted By: Kimberly D.

I’m a triathlete and get sore muscles all over the place from the crazy amount of cross training I do. Bought this to use for my pre- and post-workouts. It feels amazing. Love the quality!

          4 of 5 stars
Works like a charm!
Review Submitted By: Sandra B.

Completely relaxes my back, neck and arms. The price is really great for what you get.

          5 of 5 stars
Finally a product that works on all my sore muscles.
Review Submitted By: Diane F.

Exactly what I wanted to ease muscle soreness! And the whole waterproof thing is great for sitting by the pool, too.

Universal Massage Wand


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