Foot Massager with Air Compression
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Vibrating Foot Massager With Air Compression

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After the Modern Head & Shoulder Massager, this is our second most popular item. Why?...Because the feet take a lot of pounding and stress and this provides ultimate relief.

If you spend a lot of time standing, you are going to love this product. It packs a lot of punch for not a lot of money. And it is also backed by our warranty. Take the weight off your tired feet. The iZen Foot Massager with Air Compression from a vibrating foot massager does more than relieve sore foot aches, it helps relax the entire body.

Your feet carry you around all day, and they are fatigued. But how much time do you spend caring for them regularly? Now you don’t have to visit a spa for a foot massage. The iZen Foot Massager with Air Compression is a portable foot used to provide effective daily therapy wherever and whenever needed.

A foot massage shouldn’t be a luxury. It can and will be an everyday comfort with the iZen Foot Massager with Air Compression. Using heat therapy, pulsating air compression and rolling vibration massage, your feet get the royal treatment. Besides boosting blood flow and relieving tension, a foot massage promotes relaxation and flexibility all the way up your legs and spine. It’s both soothing and invigorating, the perfect solution for the worker who has to stand all day or anyone with tired feet that need attention.

Benefits of the iZen Vibrating Foot Massager 

If you experience muscle pain in your feet, you need the iZen Vibrating Foot Massager with Air Compression. Using heat therapy, pulsating air compression, and rolling vibration massage, your tired feet will feel instant relief after just a 15-to 30-minute session with our electric foot massager. Here's what makes the iZen Foot Air Massager a must-have product:

Reflexology: Foot Healing, Body Healing

Reflexology is an ancient practice of applying pressure to reflex points in the feet, which are believed to correspond to multiple organs and glands elsewhere in the body. Reflexology is thought to promote healing and optimal function of body systems when tension is relieved at key triggers found in the human foot.

Vibrating Air Compression Massager

Caring for the feet—home to over 15,000 nerves, 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons—can unlock better health in the entire body. Some of the benefits of reflexology and foot massage include:

  • Improved sleep: reduce the symptoms of insomnia.
  • Capacity to fight depression: relieve anxiety and stress for better mental health.
  • Enhanced relaxation: just a five to 10-minute foot massage is proven to release tension.
  • Pain relief: eflexology foot massage is designed to treat migraines, neck pain, backaches and other instances of pain elsewhere in the body.

Vibrating Foot Massager Features

  • Choose from three different air compression intensities.
  • Select either a 15 or 30-minute foot massage session
  • Pick from three modes; comprehensive therapy for all levels of soreness.
  • Target key pressure points in the body with the unique heel massage
  • Pick an option to auto shutdown at the end of the massage cycle.
  • Rely on comfortable relief for sore, aching feet
  • Transport easily
  • Pick your size. Fits up to size 12 mens (US), size 46 mens (EU)

Read through the iZen Vibrating Foot Air Massager Product Manual to learn more.

Download Product Manual

Product Specifications

  • Model No. IZ-50232A
  • Power Supply 12V 2.5A
  • Accessories Adapter
  • Weight 10.75lbs
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH Inches) 18.3 x 11.7 x 16.8 (In Box)

What Our Customers Are Saying

          5 of 5 stars
Relieves my pain better than other massagers.
Review Submitted By: Dee H.

I work in a hospital and the floors are very unforgiving. After the end of a long shift my feet are KILLING me. This foot massager has really helped with the pain and I feel so much more relaxed afterwards. Definitely consider this if you’re in the same boat.

          5 of 5 stars
Helped with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
Review Submitted By: Steve B.

I had both plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I tried so many different products that say they do this or that but didn’t work. After using this one 2 to 3 times a day for 15 minutes or so, I’ve finally found the right solution for me. Suppppper happppy!

Foot Massager with Air Compression


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